This is me

My photo love story

I got my first camera when I was 14 years old. Ever since then I have been fascinated by the power of pictures.

Working full time as a sound engineer, tour manager, and since 2021 as a cough drop producer, still gives me enough spare time to follow my two biggest passions - music and photography.

At the moment I exploring the connections between photography and music. 


Street Photography


Street photography is my way of exploring the world around me. 
Living in Cologne and not having the chance to travel into the country side every weekend, I explore the city landscape around me instead.

Portrait Photography


What else is there to say? 

A portrait not only shows the outside of a person, but also opens up a path into their mind. That's why I enjoy portrait shootings.

Landscape Photography


Growing up in the Swiss Alps created a very strong bond with nature.
I wouldn't be happy without regular trips to beautiful, quiet and empty places outside of densely populated areas.

More Projects

Illegale Farben Studio

In 2019, my colleague Thilo Schenk and I starte to build our own studio in Cologne. Together we produce our own music and work for customers. We offer everything from recording to mixing and mastering and enjoy to use the studio as a creative playground for all kinds of music and art projects.

Illegale Farben

Founded in 2014, Illegale Farben became my main music project. In 2021 we released our third album which is accompanied by a 30 minute long movie. 
The sound of Illegale Farben is located somewhere between Indie-Pop, Post Punk and Neue Deutsche Welle. 


PICARD3000 makes it its task to adopt a clear stance and to present it with the greatest possible intensity in order to rekindle a spark in the overcrowded and dulled brains of our society. The content-related impetus is intended to provide the audience with a springboard for inspiration in order to find a questioning path themselves.


Cough drops? When in 2020 the music industry was put into a coma, I partnered up with my uncle and overtook the brand CARUSO. They are loved by singers and other people who rely on their voice.